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DentalMet© is not your typical Medical Emergency Training course for dentists. We are different in several ways;

  1. The course is designed and overseen not just by doctors – but by specialist Emergency Physicians – who have a minimum of 13 years training and who daily, manage these conditions at a high level.
  2. We endeavour to wherever possible to use “real” clinical photos, audio & video to help demonstrate  how to diagnose certain conditions. All the protocols in the world are not very useful unless you are able to pick the correct one to use.
  3. Our course is tailored for dentists – these are serious conditions that you will encounter uncommonly – so we teach what you need to know that will make a real difference to peoples lives, and how to do it well.
  4. We are online. You cannot do CPR and ventilation online, but you can learn just about everything else, in your own time, whenever it suits saving you both time, money, and reducing income loss from course attendance.
  5. You can come back to refresh as often as you like for the time of your membership.   We also offer an email Q&A, feedback service.
  6. We offer blended courses with our partner organisation LinkCPR  ( ) where the theory is online and CPR/ALS/scenarios are done live.
  7. Our review panel includes emergency Physicians, Dentists, and specialists in Occupational health 

Designed for Dental Professionals

This course is specifically designed for dental professionals.

Our on-line simulator reinforces vital content, while letting you see the outcomes of being prepared or unprepared.

Courses can be accessed and completed at a time and place convenient to you - our package tracks your progress so you can exit and resume the course at any time:

  • Allows you to train new or existing staff as and when required - no delays waiting for your next training course, no risk of having unqualified staff.
  • Provides a personalised CPD certificate you can download and keep, or print for your records.

Dental Medical Emergency Background

Studies have shown that medical emergencies do occur in dental practice.

Various dental boards & licensing authorities mandate that dental practitioners and their staff need to have appropriate skills, training and equipment to deal with potentially life saving conditions

The DCNZ mandates that up to date drugs & equipment (from their code) must be operational and available

Survival from cardiac arrest with VF is dependant on early defibrillation % of arrests from MI occur in first 15-30 mins.

Immediate defibrillation 80% success , declines by 10% every minute

Emergency Contact Numbers

Remember the appropriate emergency number in your country.

Country Number
New Zealand 111
Australia 000
United Kingdom 999
EU emergency number 112
Hong Kong 999
Singapore 999
USA 911
Canada 911